Let us introduce ourselves

The head of the Driving Instructors Democratic Union is termed as the EC or the Executive committee. Although the head is the final decision maker of the group, his decisions are mainly based on the opinions and suggestions of the members. The Executive committee or the leader is elected every year during the annual general meeting or A.G.M. of the entire Driving Instructors Democratic Union group. The EC serves the group and leads them in making decisions without receiving any pay.

Who are the members of the DIDU?

Since it is established by driving instructors for the benefit of driving instructors, members of the Driving Instructors Democratic Union are generally driving instructors. Any driving instructor, whether he is an Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I) or Potential Driving Instructor (P.D.I), he can be a member of the group. Every member of the union is encouraged to join the annual general meeting for them to share their thoughts and opinions and to cast their votes for the Executive Committee position.

What are the benefits of being a member of the DIDU?
Aside from having an edge in being hired as a driving instructor, being a member of the Driving Instructors Democratic Union has many other benefits. These include the following:

  • Continuous Professional Development courses

  • Every member is entitled to a free Continuous Professional Development or CPD courses. These are very important for you to enhance your knowledge and skills as a driving instructor so you can serve the population more proficiently and professionally. CPD courses are offered online and in local centers and you can choose on which to apply to.
  • Forums and discussions

  • You can also have unlimited access to forums and discussions among members of the organization. The advantage of this is that you can learn from the ideas and opinions of your co-members as you share your own thoughts with them.
  • DIDU Magazines

  • A monthly copy of the DIDU magazine will also be given to you when you become a member. These magazines contain very helpful information which can make you grow as a driving instructor.

How can I become a member?
If you want to become a member, you only have to pay £25.00. Membership is currently closed.