Tips from for those Learning to Drive

New motorists who have just acquired their driving license are often eager to get the car keys and take on their first legal cruise. However, such drivers are often young (mostly teenagers) and thus have very little first-hand experience behind the wheel especially when it comes to using the rules of the road. Driver's safety courses are very crucial to beginning motorists, but it's also important that you keep in mind a few driving tips that can help you ensure your safety as well as that of your passengers and other motorists. Here is a look into a few tips for those learning to drive.

Prepare Before you Start Driving

Many motorists are often in a hurry to an extent that putting on the seat belt or adjusting various settings on the car is done when they're already driving down the street. You should avoid this habit by all means. Once you're seated in your car, put on the seat belt, adjust your side view mirrors, your seat, steering wheel tilt and any other personalized settings. According to the Unofficial DMW Guide website, you should complete these simple adjustments before you start the engine.

Learn the road signs
The chances are that you've learnt the many basic traffic signs and you're conversant with their meanings. However, there are a few traffic signs that you'll encounter regularly on roads as well as highways. Make sure that you learn and memorize these traffic signs and also know how they affect everyday living.

Turn signals are supposed to be used every time you want to make a turn but your intentions are not obvious; this includes when you're changing lanes. It's also important that you get accustomed to checking over your shoulder just to make sure that there is no one in your way before you make your turn or change lanes. Remember the mantra, "all drivers are insane, you're the only sane driver". So take all the necessary precautions to avoid a collision.

Seat Belts and Passengers
Novice drivers like to take their friends on a short ride just to show off their newly acquired freedom. Well, this is always not wrong so long as you remember to drive cautiously. However, what many beginning drivers forget to remember is that it's illegal and unsafe to allow too many passengers in the car. Count the available seats and belts and allow just enough passengers.

Volume Level
As aforementioned, many beginners are teenagers and teenagers have a habit of listening to loud music. What's more, they tend to listen to the loud music when driving. This is one of the worst decisions when it comes to safe driving as it can lead to life-threatening situations. Vehicles have horns and others (emergency vehicles such as an ambulance) have sirens to alert motorists to get out of the way or to warn them of impending danger. The loud music might drown out the sirens or horns, exposing you to a lot of danger.

As a beginner driver, you should make an effort of getting used to sharing the road with other motorists. Practice on less busy roads and then proceed to busier roads until you get accustomed to being behind the wheel. However, never do anything to compromise your safety, that of your passengers as well as other motorists.