New Drivers Car Buying Guide

If you have just passed out your driving test and planning to buy a new car then it is must that you go through following points carefully. Just having a good general knowledge of what to do with your feet on the brake pedals, accelerator, clutch pedal, and what to do with your hands if driving a manual or automatic gearbox, how to place your hands on the steering wheel, and how often to check your mirrors is not enough to know and control your car well. You need to know a number of critical elements that will be helpful in buying a new car, which are to follow shortly. Really, buying a new car for the first time may be a tough task for most new drivers because their understanding, as well as experience, is limited. Therefore, let us have a quick look at some of the points that may be helpful for you if you are going to start looking for a new car.

1. Budget

Various types of car models are available that may not fit every budget. Therefore, before buying a car, you need to decide how much you can afford. Additionally, you need to keep in mind maintenance costs that may arise during the ownership of the car. A high end car is usually more expensive to run and maintain.

2. Features and specifications must be looked into seriously

Before buying a car, you need to know what types of specifications, features it has. Not all cars have electric windows and mirrors, therefore you can go through the car manual, before purchasing. Also, you need to make sure the safety features are all fully working, along with any comfort and convenience aspects of the car.

3. Financing

Buying a car in full is not always possible for everyone. If you're going the part finance route, you will need to decide how much deposit you need to pay to secure the vehicle, along with monthly payment costs and options; making sure you can afford a suitable car for your needs and budget.

4. Where to find the best priced second hand cars

eBay or Autotrader is most peoples' first port of call when looking for a new car, there are also local dealers who may be running special offers on cars on their forecourt. You'll quickly get a feel for how much the car you're looking for is selling for, alternatively you could find out how much your car is worth using the online tool.

5. Opinions of friends & family.

Never miss an opportunity to ask your trusted friends about their cars because they may have more experience and knowledge of buying cars than you do. Furthermore, the opinion of someone you trust on certain makes and models of cars may go a long way in saving you money on buying a car that isn't too reliable.

Really, as a new driver, buying your first car is very exciting, but don't lose sight of the importance of getting someone more experienced to look into it with you.

6. Insurance Consideration

Something which can be overlooked amid the excitement of buying your first car are the various insurance groups out there. Cars are grouped according to risk as perceived by insurers, and there are soem surprises so be sure to research this area well. Although insurance costs for new drivers are relatively high in any case, there are things which you can do to help lower costs.

There is a new type of car insurance on offer known as Telematics (often referred to as black box insurance) for example, which involves hardware being fitted to your car to record how well you drive. The systems are said to benefit younger and new drivers the most and you can get specifics from industry sites like this, and this major one as well as more general information here.