Tips for Taking the Theory Test

There are two parts to your driving test in order to successfully pass and get your driving license, you need to pass both parts of the test. The first part of your test is your theory test which is done in your nearest test center and the second part is your practical, where you will actually be behind the wheel and driving. I am going to take you through your theory test, so that you know everything possible in order to successfully become a valid driver.

About the Theory Test

The theory test is a little like being back at school, it as an exam that is split into two parts. Your theory test must be passed before you can take your practical test. Before you can legally be on the road, it is important that you know everything there is to know about the dangers of the road, what road signs mean and so on. This is what the exams will be about, the examiner will need to know that you are going to be an able and competent driver.

The first part of the exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions, you must get at least 43 right to get a pass. You have just over an hour to complete these questions, which is plenty of time to get your brain in gear. There are theory test books that you can buy so that you can revise and see the kinds of questions that you will be asked. However, most of the questions are just common sense and you should hopefully pass with flying colours.

The next part is called the hazard perception exam where you will need to make quick reactions to hazards that appear in front of you on a screen - just like you would on the road. You will be shown a total of 14 clips that contain a total of 15 hazards. You must click the mouse when you see a hazard and remember that speed is everything. You will be given a score at the end and you need to get 44 out of 75 to pass. You need to pass both parts of your theory, in order to pass the overall exam.

You can book your theory test on the DSA website, pick a date from the list available and pay the fee (£31.00).

How to ensure a pass
Don't rush into booking your exam - You want to make sure that you know everything there is to know, in order to pass. You don't want to pay for your exam only to fall short and have to take it again, wait until you are 100% ready.

Revise any way you can - Put up flash cards of the road signs and what they mean all around your house if you have to. Read your theory book and ask your friends and family to test you over and over again. Repetition is key to getting things in your head and that is where they will stay.

You have plenty of time for your multiple choice section, so after you have finished - double check your answers, re-reading the questions very carefully.